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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ breaking news tonight at 11:00. chopper three live over fire ripping through a west chester building in the center of town. right now crews are struggling to get a handle on that fire. it broke out just before 9:30 on north church street and "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt just arrived thon scene. david, what can you tell us? >> reporter: jessica well tell you this fire is not letting up. intense fire. i just spoke to an official a few minutes ago. he says that the flames are still coming strongly through the roof. i'll back out of the way. we know that it's an apartment building. we're told a lot of students there specifically it's above the dmv back on the corner of market street and church street. as you mentioned it happened a little bit before 9:30 but the miracle with all of this you can see the names from chopper three. from the ground the miracle is that there are no injuries. we have dozens of fire trucks here from several different areas that are coming to fight this fire to try get the flames out, but this has been going on
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almost two hours at this point and there are still flames that are coming through the roof. again, we're told that there are college students that live here a couple of other people live here. i spoke to somebody very briefly about five minutes ago. she told me that she's not going to be able to go home tonight. she doesn't know what is left of her home. so that is the latest. we dop know the cause yet but we do know nobody seriously injured again this is on the corner of market street and church street in west chester. happened about 9:30 and jess cash it is intense fire. crews expect to be out here a long time tonight. jessica. >> quite a scene out there david. thanks soar the update. also tonight at 11:00 eyewitness cam photos show flash flooding in bethlehem from storms that moved through the area tonight. and the heavy rain is just one part of the double trouble. the heat and oppressive humidity will create more widespread storms tomorrow. you can see some storm activity right now on storm scan3. good evening to you i'm jessica dean. chris may off tonight.
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the philadelphia school district is already taking action tonight because of the intense heat tomorrow. all public schools in the city will dismiss earl alt noon. meteorologist kathy orr is live outside on the cbs3 sky deck with more on hour double dose of summer like weather. kathy? >> it's amazing and summer doesn't even start until the weekend, jessica. you can feel the oppressive humidity out here right now. it's only going to get worse. it's still warm across the delaware valley. right now in philadelphia, temperatures are still holding on. we're looking at numbers that are high for this time of day. 83 degrees in the city. 80 wilmington. rain cooled 71 with recent rain in trenton. you can see even 79 degrees at the ac airport this is what it fees like. 88 in the city. it feels like 80 open in wildwood. 83 in dover. those are the feels like readings but look what happens tomorrow. in the morning even at 9:00 a.m. it feels like 90. in dover and by the early afternoon it feels like 100 in
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many locations. feels like 99 by 2:00 p.m. in philadelphia feels like 100 in wilmington. philville 101 we're talking about serious heat and humidity tomorrow. we also have to talk about storm scan3. we did have some heavy rain popping up especial until northampton county you can see that bulls eye right there through plus inches in a short period of time and that's why that flash flood warning continues for northampton county until midnight. you sea those pictures jess what showed earlier in the broadcast. coming up the humidity will be on the rise. more storms tomorrow and tropical storm bill has formed and it could impact our weather with more rain later this week. we'll talk more about that with the seven day when i join you inside. kathy, see in you a bit. >> delaware county neighborhood is on edge tonight as police continue their search for a home invasion suspect. frightening incident happened this afternoon on the 2600 block of old cedar grove road in broomall. police say a group of men forced
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their way into the home, pistol whipped a teenager and then raided the family's safe. they believe the homeowners were targeted because they own a nearby business in upper darby. three of the four suspects were caught when responding officers spotted their get away vehicle and we spoke with a man who saw those arrests happen. >> probably about 10 cop cars from all different areas. >> i got my own kids right here and it could happen to anybody. >> police say the three captured suspects are 26-year-old jermaine wallace his brother 27-year-old sterling wallace and a driver who's a juvenile. they are set to face a judge in the morning. fourth suspect whose still at large has not been identified. as the manhunt continues for two escaped killers in upstate new york we're learning disturbing new details about the prison worker accused of helping helping break out as well as a possible murder not. sources tell cbs news joyce mitchell had an agreement with richard matt and david sweat to kill her husband once they were
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out of prison. police say mitchell was set to be their get away driver but back out at the last second and went to the hospital for a panic attack. her husband was never harmed. mitchell is now behind bars facing felony charges. the woman at the center of a racial controversy has resigned from her post with the naacp. rachel dolezal was the president of the group spokane chapter and she came under fire when her parents revealed she is white and not black as she said for years. her resignation letter did not address those claims or her true racial identity she wrote in part quote the dialogue has unexpectedly shifted internationally to my personal department at the in the context of defining race and ethnicity. i have waited in deference while others expressed their feelings, beliefs, confusion and even conclusions, absent the full story ". philadelphia district attorney seth william says he will not reopen an investigation into the death of brandon tate
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brown. tate brown was shot by police during a traffic stop six months ago. officers initially said tate brown was reaching for gun in his car but they later changed that story and said he was resisting and moving toward the weapon. today his family asked for that case to be reopened after police altered their account. >> it doesn't change one very basic thing and that is that, um the individual had a gun in the car. according to witnesses, there was a struggle. made an attempt to get back to that car. >> tate brown's family filed a lawsuit against the city of philadelphia they have also also appealed to the federal department of justice to have that case reopened. voorhees police are looking for the person who stole three defebrillators from a local hospital. this person broke into eastern i school around 2:00 this morning and took the devices which can restart a person's heart during cardiac arrest. if anyone recognizes this suspect or nose anything about the theft call voorhees police.
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the cleanup continues tonight from a huge water main break. millions of gallons of water flooded part of west philadelphia when a water main bursts sunday morning. this happened on 52nd street near wyomissing avenue and the road is still blocked off tonight. the 36-inch tran mission main was installed back in 1885. now the city says it will pay for cleanup and some of the damage costs while homeowners insurance companies will handle the rest. and the chosen 300 ministries is helping residents affected by that water main break. the group extended a special welcome to neighbors who were without water and maybe unable to cook tonight. the inter dee nominal mission serves more than $150,000 meals every year in the philadelphia region. in recent years growth has been s rapid in many philadelphia neighborhoods with new houses constantly under construction but the city wants to make sure middle income families are priced out of the places where they want to live.
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"eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers explains the new housing program that was announced today today. >> reporter: how is this neighborhood change over the last 30 years. >> well, it went from very very very very good to not so good. >> reporter: penny giles says that's beginning to change. her life long neighborhood of francisville in north philly is rapidly jenn tri feig. new homes are routinely valued at close to half million dollars dollars. >> welcome new residents of all incomes. >> that means many middle class families can't afford to buy a home here. a new city program aims to change that. take this vacant lot in francis francisville one of nearly 20,000 owned by the city. this one will be given to a developer for nearly no cost under one condition. >> build housing for sale that accommodate people in a certain price point. >> in other words, price the home at a level middle class family making 80 grand a year can afford. somewhere around $200,000. in total 77 city owned lots said
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to be developed in several up and coming neighborhoods in the city including those lots here in point breeze. about one hun hundred more properties will follow and the in end city officials say they want to develop about a thousand properties for middle income families. >> we have a model that we think works an lot of neighborhoods across the city. >> reporter: that will take several years at least but back up in francisville penny giles says it's worth the wait. >> not in this neighborhood but across the industry. all neighborhoods deserve this. >> matt rivers cbs3 cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> campaign 2016 jeb bush is official al president cal candidate tonight. the son of former president george hw bush and brother of george w. bush announced his campaign today. the 62-year-old who left his famous last name off his official campaign logo focused his speech on his experience as governor of florida. also promised to make washington work again. >> we will take washington, the
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static capital this dynamic country then turn it out of the business of causing problems and we'll get it back on the right side of free enterprise and freedom for all americans. >> recent polls shows bush has brought national support but he's drawn fire from some of in his own party for mad rat views on immigration and support for common core education standards. bush joins a crowded field of republican candidates. 11 contenders are in the hunt for the gop nomination. and the party's first prime time debate is now set for august august 6th. only 10 slots available in that debate not everyone will be able to participate. former president bill clinton makes a visit to philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at the jewish history museum on independence mall. clinton spoke at a health care technology conference. called alcoholic ideas he can change. this invitation only event brought together hundreds of health and science experts. tomorrow we will learn more about the pope's visit to philadelphia in september.
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mayor nutter and other city officials will be release preliminary information about transportation for the estimated 2 million visitors we expect here in the city. meantime the mayor will be among a delegation headed to the vatican next week to finalize the plans surrounding that papal visit and i'll be traveling with them. look for my reports from the vatican starting next monday right here on "eyewitness news". tonight the list of honda vehicles being recalled is growing because of faulty air bags. we've got new information for you coming up next. plus, with shark attacks making recent headlines, should we be worried about shark attacks down the shore? when you shall stay out of the water. we've got that information coming up as well. >> kathy. >> a few lingering showers on storm scan3 but more numerous showers and storms tomorrow. plus tropical storm bill has formed and will likely impact our weather. i'll show you how with the seven day forecast. >> you use your credit cards all the time but which ones can do the most for you. whether you prefer cash back or
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>> update now on our breaking news tonight. chopper three live over a fire
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burning through a bang and apartment in west chester. these flames broke out just before 9:30 tonight on north main street and market streets. take live look now from the ground. this is our crew on the scene there. fire trucks, a lot of smoke, as firefighters try get a handle on the flames. no word yet on just how this fire started but we are told no one has been injured. we'll of course continue to monitor the situation and have the late left for you at on i with news in the morning starting at 4:30. honda is adding more than a million cars to growing recall for faulty air bags. this recall affects 2001 to 2005 civic models and 2003 to 2007 accord model. problem here with the toy cad today corporation which make the air bags for those cars. with too much force those air bags is explode and spray metal shards throughout the car. the malfunction has been blamed for at least seven deaths and
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more than 100 injuries worldwide worldwide. two teenagers in north carolina are recovering tonight after they were attacked by sharks within 90 minutes of each other on the same vet he stretch of the beep. a 13-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy each lost part of their left arms in separate incidents. it's unclear if the same shark is responsible for those attacks attacks. now, shark sightings are rare in our area. but they do happen particularly down the jersey shore. today we head to do ventnor to speak with safety experts and there some concerned residents. beach what troll captain bill, says they usually see a couple of sharks every year and the guards are trained to react if one is spotted on their beach. >> that beach automatically just blows their whistles and tells the people to come in. we don't -- you don't go crazy just tell them to come in out of the water. >> another safety tip. your best bet to avoid sharks is staying out of the water after sunset when they are most active
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active. are you getting enough sleep sleep. the american loving society issued new recommendations today and here's what they say. they suggest seven to nine hours a night for adults. and they say sleeping more than that can be an indicator of issues like depression. but sleeping less than that is also linked to various health problems. >> subject to certain met poll lick problems pre diabetes, you have more likelihood to have cardiovascular problems and hypertension. >> the society also recommends the development of age based sleep guidelines for children. plus better education for health care providers about sleep disorders. it also recommended all drivers receive sleep education to combat the problem of drowsy driving. do you prefer getting points or cash back? when it comes to reward cards, moat of them sound like a great deal but which one has the best benefits for you?
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>> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look f you're smart spent with he can length credit and not replying credit card rewards lisa with kiplinger says you're missing out. >> tons of benefits you can get. cash back, points, miles really kind of whatever floats your boat in terms of rewards read kit cards a lot to pick from right now. >> reporter: her first recommendation, the city double cash card. >> what's really excellent flat 2% on everything you buy which is kind of out staning because usually there's a gimmick or watch with it and really the oh only catch you'll get 1% when you buy and another one buy when you pay the bill. >> for travel schers she suggest the barclay card arrival plus world elite mastercard. >> there's an 89 annual fee it's waived for the first year. you'll get 2 miles for every dollar spent, and when you redeem those miles for travel statement credit you'll get another rate of a penny per mile. >> for general spending she
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suggests the american express blue cash preferred. >> you'll get 6% back on up to $6,000 a year in grocery spend spending. supermarket purchases in that case. you'll get 3% on gas and department store spending and 1% on everything else. so it's a really good deal. >> there is a $75 annual feel with the blue cash preferred card you want to figure out if you'll be spending enough in those areas to out weigh the fee. by the way the key to getting a really good rewards card you have to have excellent credit. credit score of 750 or higher. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. and kathy is joining us now. you've got your eye on so many things. not only the storm that are popping up but the heat and humidity dangerously high. >> we do. we're talking about oppressive heat and humidity tomorrow and widespread storms across the delaware valley. so during the day tomorrow please try to limit your time outdoors. if you're going to exercise maybe early or towards the evening period outside it is picture perfect in center city
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philadelphia. no weather issues but when you step outside it's like, whoosh arc lot of moisture in the atmosphere. you can feel the thickness in the air. down the shore catching a break from the heat. but the humidity still lingers and a few lingering folks on the boards even though those establishments are closed for business. storm scan3, we do have some showers to talk about. a few just popped up right over south jersey and you can see them. this one is fading somewhat. this is in moorestown, new jersey along 295. you can see marne highway creek road right here, hartford road, and that is just moved out of delran. the other one westampton rancocas road having some issues as well. some moderate rain falling here lauer roll creek boulevard center ton road and even borton landing road but heavy rain in westampton also extending here towards mt. holly on wood lane road and jacksonville road this is right near the national weather service office. some heavy rain along rancocas road as well. these are fast movers but dropping some heavy rain in a short period of time.
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in philadelphia it's 83. allentown 73. trenton cooling down with some rain at 71. and in millville the temperature 76. down the shore we're still holding on to 70s because we've had a land breeze most of the day. it's humid in sea isle, 79 degrees. 80 in ocean city but barnegat light more avenue northerly wind component the temperature 69 degrees there. so more heat and humidity during the day tomorrow. more showers and thunderstorms as a cold front approaches from the west. so during the day tomorrow, the morning is okay but after the noon hour, we start to seat atmosphere fire up. instability building ahead of the front with scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. and any storm could have some drenching downpours. so please be aware of that. that could create poor drainage flooding and some of these will have gusty win. we talk about oppressive humidity for tuesday. much better on wednesday. starting to creep up thursday and friday. but wednesday definitely the pick of the week. so tomorrow heat and humidity. that front moves through. we catch a break wednesday and more rain showers and storms
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thursday which could be fueled by a new tropical storm. tropical storm bill in the gulf of mexico. all the moisture riding around this blocking high and feeding the storms on thursday. so thursday could be plain old rain and heavy rain. we'll keep you updated oh and that. overnight 73 and muggy. tomorrow's high 90. on the exclusive "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast and shore cast, pretty steamy. wednesday is pleasant. thursday showers and storms. friday and saturday looking good good. hot for dad. summer begins on sunday and it will feel like it the high 91 degrees. monday 90 as well. >> well hello summer. >> hello summer. >> all right, kathy. >> it's here. >> thanks so much. leslie is here now. a look at the sports world. >> that's right. the eagles adding offensive lineman to replace evan mathis. my favorite story former fan favorite kimmo tim moan 93 ends his career with a storybook ending. frustration building for the phillies as those losses keep
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mounting. sports is next.
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well we new phillies season would be challenging but not this bad. they now have the wore the record in baseball. they've lost six in a row going into this series against baltimore. fifth inning of the game no score. aaron harang, flow ball to left. cody asche not able to make the catch there. ball goes off the wall. it's a double. jj hardy hits a line drive just past freddie galvis. the phillies in a one to nothing hole. it gets worse from there. in the sixth two runners on. harang left this pitch over the plate. he crushes it over the wall for three run homer four to nothing. that's when the frustration set
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in. franco strike three. he thought the ball was low said something to the ump and got tossed. the baltimore blank the phillies four-zero. they have not hit a homer on this road trip and lost seven in a row. >> eagles signed jared wheeler to one year contract. the university of my am me grad can play center and guard. he was cut at the end of training camp last year by buffalo tomorrow the birds will start mandatory three day mini camp. one of the new players chip kelly brought in matthews. five season with the chargers. he's still getting used to kelly kelly's fast paceed practice. >> i knew it was a fast paced offense. comeing here open your eyes how fast everything is moving and you know, how quick the ball is moving around. so you know, it's taken a little bit of time to get used it to but it's fun. >> game six stanley cup finals third period blackhawks with the puck.
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the shot bows past bishop. for the third time the stanley cup will reside in the windy city. chicago beat tampa two to nothing. kimmo timonen goes out a champion and winning his first stanley cup. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> jazz legend winton marsalis is this year's marion anderson award winner. he won nine grammy and toward 30 countries over his storied career. marian anderson award was created in 1998 for marian anderson celebrated singer who was born right here in philadelphia. it honors people whose body of work has improved the world beyond inter of entertainment. previous winners include john bon jovi, mia farrow and oprah. far hal sis will receive the award in november. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00. "eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with erika von tiehl and diana rocco and meteorologist katie fehlinger will have the latest on this excess tiff heat and thunderstorms. for lesley, kathy and everyone here i'm jessica dean you can always fine us at hawaii five-o is up next. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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